Another record month

January has been the best month since this weblog began. After being very happy with my visitor numbers in December, January has turned out to have more than quadrupled my statistics. 8,500 in January! My level of donations has remained low at $0.00, but I am sure that will pick up. LOL.

I just get great satisfaction knowing that the numbers coming here are growing – and I hope they grow more. I am still evaluating Radio and Moveable Type – I may switch to either one of them this month. I have been testing Radio at this address.

I have also been looking into starting another blog, tech related, with Bernie. Anyway that’s for another day. For now, keep coming back – I will keep blogging if you keep reading. And if you like what you read, tell people you know to come here! My hit target for this month is in the 12,000 region – and if things go really well maybe up on 20,000! Who knows!?

All suggestions can be mailed to me here.