Condoleezza Rice and the subtext

This is very interesting indeed. Condoleezza Rice said on Sunday that war with Iraq would become unavoidable unless UN Security Council members united soon behind a tough, common approach to Baghdad.

What? This is typical of the Bush administration. Reading the subtext its more like a veiled threat. “The UN better toe the line and agree to war, or else, we go to war. ” Amazing rhetoric too.

Its simple, the decision is made, war will happen.

2 thoughts on “Condoleezza Rice and the subtext”

  1. Vulcans Unite under one Flag
    Condoleezza Rice and Martha Stewart
    “Let them fall on their swords, or clap them in stocks –– a good dunking would get at the truth. The scriptures have warned of false prophets, they will see what Hellfire and Damn-nation does to evil doers”
    Jerry Fallwell

    Well, at last there is hope for Vulcans, Prolapse Therapy, a new approach to character bahavior modification.

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