Secular Europe: Regis Debray

In this thought-provoking piece, Regis Debray, a former adviser to President Mitterand, essentially argues that the US has yet to mature as a political entity. I am inclined to agree about the religous zeal coming from the Bush administration. I am not sure however if you could apply that to the entire nation of America. But I have to agree with him on how Bush seems to perceive the world – in black and white.

“Old Europe” has already paid the price. It knows that the planet is too complex, too definitively plural to suffer insertion into a monotheistic binary logic: white or black, good or evil, friend or enemy.

One thought on “Secular Europe: Regis Debray”

  1. President Aristide says that Debray threatened (not warned) him with death.
    Seems that Debray has made the big switch, is now a heavy for Empire.
    It must be the duty of any revolutionary to kill him on sight

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