U.S. Media Fails to Ask Hard Questions

Just having a look over at Dan Gillmor’s e-Journal, he has an interesting story taken from the American Prospect. When the Observer story broke last week about US spying in the UN security council, the US media failed to mention it. Dan is not impressed. As Dan says:

But what’s instructive about this episode is not what will happen now, 10 days after the story broke. It’s what didn’t happen during those 10 days — how the right-wing media shot a true story down, and how the bulk of the mainstream press accepted those terms. And we wonder why we’re charging off to a war that nearly half the population is against.

What is it with the media in the US? I read so much about how biased TV networks and US papers are, but are they really this bad? I would have a daily browse through the NY Times, Washington Post and CNN, and I do find that the writing is skewed in many ways compared say, to the BBC. But what this article in the American Prospect is saying is that the mainstream media in the US willfully ignored an important story – one wonders what agenda editors in the United States have?

Maybe I have read too much Noam Chomsky.