War in Iraq: Christina Lamb

Karlin has a text exerpt from a radio show, Pat Kenny on Radio 1 (Ireland), in which London Times journalist Christina Lamb made some interesting observations. I listened to the show at the time, but as usual, Karlin beat me to the blog story. Here is some of what Christina notes:

I’m not under any restrictions at all [in what I say]. I want into southern Iraq on Friday having heard all the reports that the Pentagon and the MoD [UK ministry of defense] kept issuing that Umm Qasr had fallen and that southern Iraq was going well and went in following an American military convoy and right over the border at a small place called Safwan we were greeted, instead of the cheering people you had heard about, we were greeted with people throwing stones at the tanks, making angry gestures and a very hostile environment which was quite a shock.






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  1. cathy gontar avatar
    cathy gontar

    Doesnt surprise me that Lamb was surprised. I tried to read a book she wrote about Afghanistan, couldnt get through first page since she said she went to Afghanistan with her pink bunny rabbit. Is she still carrying her bunny rabbit with the “missing ear”? Maybe she should confer with Winne the Pooh and ask him if he is surprised too.