The Atlantic

I found the Atlantic website on the Internet over a year ago, having never heard of the magazine before. I liked it so much that I immediately subscribed to it. Since then I have looked forward to it arriving in the letterbox each month, for its exhaustive analysis and second to none journalism.

I arrived home from London saddened. My brother immediately told me I should read this article he had seen in the Atlantic. He had not heard of the death of the Editor at Large, Michael Kelly in Iraq.

As it happened, the article that my brother unwittingly pointed me to was Micheal Kelly’s last in the Atlantic Montly. My brother told me to read it, pointing out its insightfulness and how much he agreed with the writer. I had to to tell my brother the writer was dead, and that his obituary was in today’s Guardian.

For some reason I have yet to figure out I take every death of a journalist or writer very personally. It seems all too many have died in Iraq, through combat or accidents. I hope there will be no more.