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Thomas L. Friedman: Why the rest of the world hates America

Thomas Friedman wonders why America is hated by the rest of the world. He also calls on people to email him and help him find a stable way to manage the United States’ relationship with the world.

“Where we are now,” says Nayan Chanda, publications director at the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization (whose Web site is full of valuable nuggets), “is that you have this sullen anger out in the world at America. Because people realize they are not going to get a vote over American power, they cannot do anything about it, but they will be affected by it.”

Finding a stable way to manage this situation will be critical to managing America’s relations with the rest of the globe. Any ideas?

6 thoughts on “Thomas L. Friedman: Why the rest of the world hates America”

  1. ~i read longtitudes and attitudes in 2 days
    very fast for a snail reader like me
    ~the book has done a great job in providing insight into the pain and anguish of 9/11 and giving us a scenario around which it happen
    ~hopefully it would deter all those who are contemplating destruction and all those who are in the business of destruction
    ~it has made a big impact on me and hopefully all those i will meet thereafter
    ~we are now in world war 3
    ~its disorder against order
    ~we have created our frankenstein
    ~its pointless to blame anyone
    ~its pointless to find out who or what is responsible
    ~disorder and company has no responsibilty
    ~its pointless to claim how much we contributed
    ~and its pointless to say how pure our intentions are
    ~or how much our sacrifice
    ~we are face to face with our frankenstein
    ~there is no time to look for our mobile phone
    ~let alone debate
    ~only thing we can do
    ~just do it
    *in singapore i live with muslims
    *the have their basic education
    *they are not out to destroy
    *nor are they suicidal
    *i m fortunate and there is hope
    >i would be much obliged if you could pass these
    comments to thomas friedman
    >if possible let me have his email address
    yours truly
    andrew tung

  2. Mr. Friedman-
    “Where were you when the world went flat?” – that’s got to be the title of the next compilation, putting together anecdotes from around the world. Here is my addition:

    When my middle son decided to move to Sao Paulo, Brasil with his family (two out of my three sons married non-American/foreign-born women) he told me I had to get two things. First he signed me up for SKYPE- what a fabulous invention! I now talk to Brasil and Ireland for hours and pay nothing for it. The other thing Arthur made me get was a webcam. One morning, I was sitting in my home in San Francisco talking too my grandson in Sao Paulo, Brasil. “Hi TimTim!” “Hi, NanNan, see my new fire truck?” We were having a lovely time when all of a sudden my SKYPE phone rang. Startled, I clicked on the answer button and heard, “Hello, hello.” I said, “Hello, who is this?” “This is Hasheem.” “Oh,” I said, “You must have the wrong number.” “No, No, I am Hasheem and I am trying out my SKYPE- You are from California, no?” “Yes,” I said, “and where are you from?” “I am from Egypt and I’m 22 years old. How old are you?”
    Well that was too much for this 61 year old grandmother- so I hung up on him. He called back twice, but I didn’t answer. Then he IM’s me saying, “You do not answer my call, why?” My son in Brasil, in the meantime, has heard the whole conversation and said, “Mom, just go to your preferences and say you only want to receive calls from your contact list.” I did this, and haven’t heard from Hasheem again.
    But I want you to know that, after reading The World is Flat- (which I adored and found utterly fascinating) I went back in to my preferences at SKYPE and unblocked incoming calls- I determined that limiting my calls was a kind of wall- why should I be reluctant to speak with a 22 year old from Egypt? Who knows what contacts are possible?
    I thank you for encouraging me to be open to the exciting albeit unpredictable flat world.

  3. Hello,
    How do I write to Friedman? Has he given an email address or has a website where anyone can write him?

  4. Just today I heard about the two books of Thomas L. Friedman. I work as a freelancer and one of my clients in US told that it will be wondeful if Friedman can become the President of US. This remark intrigued me and drove me to find the books written by him. The world is Flat and The Lexus and the Olive Tree. Is it available in India. Are there ebooks?

    Thomas Friedman, hope you see this posting

    Best regards

  5. Thomas L. Friedman: Why the rest of the world hates America?

    regarding the above question. I would like to say, although the american read bible, while they always playing a god instead of following the law about love for god & neighbours which is said by jesus.

    in my opion, there is some truth in “the world is flat”, but as the american franklin said “The learned fool writes his nonsense in better language than the unlearned; but still it’s nonsense.”

    i am writing a nonsense as “The world is a deeply-love-high-level face! ——I look upon the book “The world is flat” as third-class”

    and i would like to remind mr friedman that “We must play FORTUNE by using 7-notes melody, which represents Free, Original/open, Regenerative, True, United-universal, Natural, and Equal.


    A plan and action is needed to start to fix Fuel, GCC, and economies worldwide. They are not going to fix themselves. The fix is huge. Replacing oil with hydrogen for fuel is current technology and will work. H2 without carbon (C) is the best thing that can be done to slow global climate change (GCC). H2, or any new fuel, will have to be manufactured. The H2 source water (H2O) is unlimited; the H2 just burns back to water. For U.S. needs, we propose the U.S. build and operate 1,150 new nuclear power plants. These plants would be supported by Peterson’s 300-year permanent spent nuclear fuel (SNF) disposal solution. This needed new technology has been proven and will work.


    Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) can be disposed of in 300 years. The U.S. will need to build 500 new nuclear power plants to manufacture hydrogen – H2, and then by 2020, 350 more nuclear plants would be needed for demand growth and 300 more to replace coal-using plants. Altogether, the near term need is for 1,150 new nuclear plants. Initially up to five 300-year SNF storage facilities would be needed. More would be needed to service the rest of the World’s switch to nuclear-hydrogen.

    Disposal of SNF is the single most critical path item to fixing the peak oil fuel crisis, GCC, and the economy. To start this requires SNF disposal, which before has not been possible. Our new 300-year SNF disposal solution is done with 300-years of intermediate storage and a very high (5-9s) degree of reprocessing that in the past has not been possible or even allowable. At some time during the 300 years the SNF will require 5-9s (99.999%) of the transuranics separated from the fission waste. Then after the 300 years of storage of the fission waste, the radioactive decay has reduced it so that it qualifies as low level waste Class-C. The transuranics containing the plutonium is used up in new fuel. The 96% part of SNF that is U-238 uranium is simply stock piled for future use as fuel. INL and Argonne chemists have done 5-9s separation on commercial and navy samples of SNF.

    This SNF “fix” works for the GNEP (Global Nuclear Energy Partnership), which the U.S. must do to for the whole world! With nuclear power, hydrogen (H-2) can be manufactured to replace use of gasoline and diesel. So, with sufficient nuclear electric generation we can replace the need to burn fossil fuels. This ends CO-2 emissions from fossil fuels, fixing man’s cause of global warming. Nuclear is a U.S. technology; with the U.S. doing this for the world, industry can be brought back to the U.S. for having balance of trade and sustaining economy.

    This fix with nuclear should not be delayed; it has been needed for decades. All the nations of the world will require H2 fuel. There is no reason to wait and not do this now. No other way to manufacture enough fuel is known. Other energy like bio-fuels, wind, solar, and wave motion energies should be pursued and used, but they will not be sufficient. In the transition the use of oil will linger. If by chance any other fixes are discovered, then good, we should go to work on them as well. But there is no reason to postpone starting nuclear-hydrogen. Detroit is ready and wants to and will begin this year to do make hydrogen powered vehicles. H2 power technology will always be a good option. For a long time it may be our only option.

    For the fix, the need for the SNF disposal situation exists worldwide. In the U.S. SNF disposal is needed for 104 operating plants. In other countries SNF disposal is needed for more than 400 plants. With a world transition to nuclear-hydrogen, this requirement will increase. See http://www.peakoilfix

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