Canada gets interesting

Naomi Klein is supporting her country today, with a praising of the introduction of some liberal laws that she says make Canada a hippie nation.

· The Liberal party government of prime minister Jean Chrétien did not support the invasion of Iraq (“opposed” would be too strong a word, since we maintained troops in the region).
· On May 27 the government introduced legislation to decriminalise the possession of marijuana. People caught with up to 15g will get the equivalent of a parking ticket. US drug tsar John Walters has promised to “respond to the threat”.
· On June 17 the government announced it would introduce legislation to legalise gay marriage. This will bring the entire country into compliance with a court ruling that has already made it legal in Ontario. US gays and lesbians have been flooding into Toronto to get hitched.
· On June 24 the government announced the opening of the first “safe injection site” in North America in Vancouver, which averages 147 overdose deaths a year. The publicly funded facility will provide needle exchanges and health assistance to heroin addicts. Walters calls this one “state-sponsored personal suicide”.

America seems to be watching them closely.

2 thoughts on “Canada gets interesting”

  1. As a child going to church you where taught gods law, right from wrong and same sex marriage is bad in gods eye. Man has always politically tried to change gods law Mayor Gavin Newson, I believe is truly the antichrist and San Francisco is no longer the city bye the bay it is the city of Sodom and Go-mor’-rah.

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