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God. I must say I have been well and truly converted. I used Dave Winers Radio Userland for about six months. Since moving to MT I have not looked back. It beats Radio hands down. And there is one reason, at least in my own thinking. MT is server based.

I dont have to leave my computer on if i want mail to blog, i can setup my server to do that. And my server *is* always on. Perhaps MT is something that is intended for people like me that go out and buy server space. But its worth it. I pay £10 a month for 600mb and 3Gb transfers, and my server supports just about everything, including Perl and CGI, requirements for an MT installation.

It does take a while to setup, but it is worth the time and effort. I now have my uncle on after giving him a brief tutorial in how to login and blog.

I am writing this from an Espresso Bar, just had to go to my site and login. With Radio Userland the software had to be with me, and installed.

So move to MT, you Blogger and Radio users.

4 thoughts on “Moveable Type”

  1. As long as you’re happy with your local server archive routines (and you routinely back up to a local copy), MT works well. I still like Radio’s outlining and in many ways it fits my note-taking style while offline. But I’ve no argument with a server-side solution fitting most people. In fact, I think Dave Winer blogs through Manila, which means his Radio is server-side.

  2. I was amazed at how flexible MT was compared with blogger when I made the switch. I’m glad to see that your move over went well….

  3. Its gone fairly smoothly. I see your point though Bernie. I guess if one wanted one could use both at the same time and double the blog lol.

  4. I’m caught in a sensitive page view situation because I’ve noticed that when my daily reads drop below 500, I lose up to $1 from Google Adsense. So I’m going to be slow to embrace wholescale changeovers of any kind at the moment. And you’re right — multiple upstreaming technologies increases the blog’s reach.

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