Another Apology In Iraq-Nukes Flap

Another apology for us, from the deputy National Security Advisor.

“The high standards the president set were not met,” Hadley said. He said he apologized to the president on Monday.

Tenet previously issued a statement saying that he should have raised objections to the Iraq-Africa-uranium sentence when the CIA reviewed an advance copy of the president’s speech.

Hadley is the top aide to National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice.

One thought on “Another Apology In Iraq-Nukes Flap”

  1. good morning!

    I just heard Bush last night on the public conference. I think he’s an U.S President that doesn’t have responsibility on the result of he said in the past, especially is Iraq invasion. He told us about WDM but in fact and right now he answerd us that he save Iraqis from Sadam, why did he tell us before? why did he help Iran or Chinese people from worst leader?
    he said he will save Iraqis to get freedom and safe. But I think he just save Israel is his point in his mind, because he like Israel than Iraqis.

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