Chief justice defiant on monument

Picked up this story from Technorati. It seems that religious fundamentalism is alive and well in Alabama.

Chief Justice of Alabama Roy Moore is ignoring a Supreme Court ruling that a religious monument inside a judicial building in Montgomery should be removed.

The Supreme Court ruled that the monument portraying the 10 Commandments be moved out of a public viewing area.

Moore’s response?

He accused U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson, who had ordered the monument to be removed, of placing himself “above the law and above God.”

Former Republican presidential candidate Alan Keyes then delivered a fiery speech, saying the efforts of courts and government to stifle religion must end.

“This must end, or freedom will end with it,” Keyes said. “No longer can we tolerate this crime that is being done against our movement for almighty God.”

I can see the courts point, separation of Church and State is important, epecially to the US Constitution. I think the expression of religious sentiment is fine, but on a stone monument in a government, no less a judicial, building?

The Washington Post also has the story here.

One thought on “Chief justice defiant on monument”

  1. I think that the Commandments should not be there, but in American court before testifying one does swear on the Bible. Kind of strange.

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