US Air Force B-2 Bomber Drops 80 JDAMS in Historic Test

I am all too familiar with US weapons technology, having been an avid play of flight sims in my younger days. I had actually already done this little test on a flight sim, flying an F22 Raptor, with infinite bombs on.

JDAMs are scary weapons. You could take off, climb to a height, approach the target from a great distance, drop all your bombs and go home. You could even be having coffee before your bombs have hit their targets.

So this story does not surprise me.

The B-2A aircraft, based at Edwards AFB, Calif., flew to the test site and released the 80 weapons in a single 22-second pass. The weapons were released from four Boeing-designed and built “smart” bomb racks, flew their planned flight paths and attacked all 80 targets.

GPS guidance will be the mainstay of all precision weapons going forward – and Europe and China are looking keen to cash in on the technology.

3 thoughts on “US Air Force B-2 Bomber Drops 80 JDAMS in Historic Test”

  1. I know this article is old. Just ran upon it. I was stationed with the B-2 and I have to say that it is NOT based at Edwards AFB in California.

  2. Of course there may be B-2’s at Edwards, just like you see the U-2 there, but that doesn’t mean they are stationed there. The U-2 is stationed out at Beale for instance.

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