Andrew Sullivan:

For Wesley Clark to become Howard Dean’s running-mate. It would be a great, centrist Democrat-Republican ticket

I had this discussion a few weeks back after the seminar in the US Embassy. Jim Ledbetter and Ben made the very same point – it would be a great combination.

3 thoughts on “Dean-Clarke”

  1. I just last night posted six new entries at my blog – some of them are highly critical of the administration and the Iraq war (and from a conservative perspective). What the Bush administration has done in Iraq (as well as much of what they’ve done domestically as well) has been awful.

    The last of those six blog entries, however, points out connections between Wesley Clark & the Clinton administration and Osama bin Laden terrorists.

    Bush’s current foreign policy is messed up, but Clinton’s foreign policy was terrible as well.

    Our country needs new leadership…
    And fast.

  2. We need a Dean/Clark ticket soon. This is the ticket to sent King George back to Crawford. Amazingly, both the Clark supporters, and the Dean supporters are wanting the same thing. Hey if we all want the same thing, then how are we going to get that done? That is going to be the second step I guess. I would say that personally contacting the Clark campaign soldiers would help. I would like them to contact any of us, I am a Dean supporter, I want them BOTH ON THE TICKET. Let’s go for it!!

  3. I agree. I like both candidates and I would like to see both Dean and Clarke on the same ticket in either order.

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