Kim's disparition (2)

Eminem’s ex, Kimberly Mathers, is a wanted woman.

Warrants for her arrest were issued after the former Mrs. Slim Shady was a no-show at two separate court dates, according to Detroit newspapers. Her attorney said Kimberly had not been heard from in a week.

Attorney Michael Smith said he last spoke to Kimberly on Oct. 30 and that “she was in great spirits.”

“Everyone is concerned,” Smith said, adding this was the longest his client had gone AWOL. “Nobody knows where she is.”

In the meantime, the rapper was awarded temporary custody of the couple’s seven-year-old daughter, Hailie Jade, according to his attorney.

“A decision was made by the court, Marshall was given full temporary custody of his daughter, Hailie,” Harvey Hauer told E! Online.

Eminem’s publicist would only say of the Mathers’ legal woes, “The order speaks for itself.”

Kimberly recently had a second daughter with another man. There has been no word on who has custody of that child.

On Thursday, after she failed to show up for an arraignment on charges of maintaining a drug den, 37th District Judge John Chmura issued a bench warrant for Kimberly’s arrest.

The charges stem from a Sept. 29 raid when cops in Warren, Michigan, answering a noise complaint, busted up a party at a hotel room she had rented where illegal substances were found.

It was the second arrest warrant issued for Mathers this week.

Mathers failed to appear at an arraignment on Tuesday for violating her bail conditions on a charge of cocaine possession. When Mathers’ attorney couldn’t reach his client, Circuit Court Judge Edward Servitto issued the bench warrant.

Mathers was busted on June 10 during a routine traffic stop after officers found less than 25 grams of cocaine.

After she failed to show for her first two pretrial hearings, Servitto ordered the 28-year-old placed under electronic house arrest.

Last month, a penitent Kimberly Mathers agreed to stay home, except to attend court appearances and counseling sessions, and to wear the electronic tether in order to avoid jail time.

Mathers may still be wearing the electronic tether says her attorney. But the device is only meant to notify authorities if she leaves home. It’s unable track her movements.