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  • Eminem endorses Obama

    Well I guess it’s not as high profile as Colin Powell. Though the conservative base may see it as a good thing for a bad man like Eminem to endorse the socialist Obama. I doubt it will have much of an affect either way.

  • Stepping into Marshall's rhyming universe

    Battling is and will certainly remain one of Eminem’s biggest passions. You can feel a certain nostalgy in his words when he recalls Rap Olympics in 1997:

  • Michael Jackson diss

    Just a short note before MiJack fans get mad at me: I do respect your idol’s artistry. I just can’t stand his attitude towards Eminem.

  • Eminem doesn't like superficial women

    The press has spilled a lot of ink about Eminem’s so called ‘ misogyny ‘. A further examination of his life and statements will make people understand that those allegations are totally unjustified. Like many other rappers, Marshall Mathers may have talked about ‘ bitches and hoes ‘ that should be ‘ raped ‘ and…

  • Backstab The Kingpin "Blow Me" album review

    Do you like Detroit gangsta tales? Then you will probably enjoy Backstab’s second album ‘ Blow Me ‘.

  • Infinite album review

    Infinite is Eminem’s first album and also his introduction to the world. Marshall Mathers had placed a lot of hope in the release of his debut album, that, unfortunately sold only 1000 copies.

  • Devil's Night album review

    Devil’s Night is one of the most provocative rap albums. No wonder it has raised a lot of controversy.

  • Thinking you know the real Obie Trice? You really have no idea…

    Growing up in the Northwest Detroit hood Obie Trice grew up on the Northwest side of the D. The hood he grew up in can be described as « mix of struggling families and thugs ». Growing up in the hood, no matter where you come from, has never been easy. Even going to school…

  • Eminem draws Chirac's gunships ire!

    London, Nov 20 : After enraging Madonna and Michael Jackson, Eminem gave some anxious moments to the French security services by planning to stage his show near Jacques Chirac’s gunship. According to The Sun, the rapper reportedly wanted to stage a gig on HMS Belfast, which is docked on the Thames just yards from the…

  • Obie's "Don't Come Down" video

    Have you ever watched Obie’s video « Don’t Come Down »? Parents, moms in particular will get Obie’s touching message towards Eleanor Trice. When I saw Obie’s video, it immediately made me think about my 14 years old son and the many conflicts that have opposed us as he entered his adolescence. You might be…