Backstab The Kingpin "Blow Me" album review

Do you like Detroit gangsta tales? Then you will probably enjoy Backstab’s second album ‘ Blow Me ‘.

I had the great chance to get one of his albums dedicated by Backstab himself a few months ago.

What is ‘ Blow Me ‘ all about?

In ‘ Backstab on The Track ‘, Backstab defines the originality of his own style:

‘ ‘work my own style

watch these others carbon copy

(kinda sloppy)

follow in the footsteps of their protege’s


tryin to build some fame off of another man’s name

(fuck that)

I’ll do it by my lonesome

fortified essential minerals

(my lyrics wholesome)

your finished bitch–throw in the towel

You dont know me and you don’t know my style

wyle on the mic

its a style that you like

when you find out I’m white

its like a key & a kite

you’ll get shocked

opitomy of hip-hop

make your body tremble when the beat gets dropped

this is for the D

and the whole country

to my people locked down

and the soldiers overseas’ ‘

Madd Rhyma will take you for a journey into the mind of a compulsive drinker. Backstab’s words will take you for a ride with an impressing list of drinks and liquors.

‘ What I Am ‘ is an intelligent Backstab-Dice collaboration that is worth checking out.

People who are fond of typical Detroit sounds will certainly enjoy ‘ Raw Raps ‘ which is a well written track.

Come into Backstab’s world, step into the D, hustlers’ paradise’

How could we summarize ‘ Blow Me ‘? It is Backstab’s message to the world: ‘ either you stand on my side or blow me ‘.

As you understood it well, there is no place for haters in Backstab’s world. Enjoy his music or leave the fuck him alone!

‘ Blow Me ‘ is another taste of a white Detroit rapper’s talent. Check it out: you won’t be disappointed by Backstab’s authenticity.

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