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Eminem doesn't like superficial women

The press has spilled a lot of ink about Eminem’s so called ‘ misogyny ‘. A further examination of his life and statements will make people understand that those allegations are totally unjustified. Like many other rappers, Marshall Mathers may have talked about ‘ bitches and hoes ‘ that should be ‘ raped ‘ and ‘ murdered ‘ in his lyrics. Matter of fact: Marshall is different in real life.

He doesn’t seem to like it very much when women dress in an offensive way in order to seduce him:

“I’ve seen groupies on the road and women just throwing themselves at you just because you’re famous, and I hate that'”

In fact, Eminem is very conscious that women should respect themselves and not consider themselves as ‘ sexual objects ‘:

‘ It takes your opinion of women and lowers it. How can these girls dress like this? (I’m) not saying I’m not attracted to it, but how can these girls portray themselves in this way and then get mad if we call them a ‘bitch’ or a ‘ho,’ or whatever the case being? ‘

Ladies, what about showing some brain instead of showing your breasts?

31 thoughts on “Eminem doesn't like superficial women”

  1. Not much of an arguement against his mysogyny. Love some of his music. Love, love love some of his music and lyrics and understand why he hates his mother but some of his lyrics about women are seriously fucked up and not clever.
    Why can’t he see that Hailie and Alaina are going to grow up to be women?
    I was hoping you would present me with a better arguement because I can’t stop loving some of his work to pieces. Some of Encore sucks though. Nothing tops The Eminem Show!

  2. I like one of his song on his Encore cd it is called ”MockingBird” I that song is sweet
    because he sangs it to Hailie A.K.A. Hai Hai!!! and Alaina A.K.A. Laina or Lane!!!!.
    Do You Like It Too??

  3. Yo,what up!I do love the ladies, you just need to respect yourselves a little more.Don’t go thinkin I’m gay just cause I’m pist at all the sluts that try and sleep with me, but do it so they can get two fuckin seconds of fame!Don’t even fuckin try to pull that shit on me ho! I’ve been there and I know your sneaky shit!

  4. I respect myself. I am sexy, but I don’t flaunt it… can’t, you know. I’m the mother of two boys. But I am smart, funny, entertaining, and popular. I agree with Em when he says we should respect ourselves more. If I was in his shoes, and I had half naked women throwing themselves on me, grabbing my privates, etc. I would definately think… wow, this girl is a ho, slut, whatever. It’s the good girl in the back, who rocks out to Em then goes home, that he’s looking for.

  5. Yo ghhjg!!!Whatever the fuck your name is!I AM THE REAL SHADY YOU DICK LICK!!!You can suck my fuckin cock if you don’t beleive me.Why the fuck you on this site anyhow if you don’t like my shit!Mabe I’ll write my next song on you,you dumb fuck!!!Anyway.Thanks for stickin up for my word Misty!!!I love you and all my fans.If you believe this is really me,then your my fan!


  7. Yo!You know what!If you don’t beleive this is Shady,then you obviously ant one of my fans bitch!!!Just because I’m famous don’t mean I don’t go on ghetto sites like this one.I got some free time too,and I like to talk to my fans.And if I’m your fuckin idol,then why can’t you beleive me when I say I’m Shady?Dick!

  8. Hey Shady, I am a big fan of yours. Can’t say the biggest… that is so lame. But a huge fan none the less. I just want to say thank you for your talent. Thank you for sharing with people such as I who can truely relate to your life experiences. I know my childhood left a lot to be desired. But man what I respect about you more than anything you can possibly accomplish is your love for your baby girl. That alone and by itself is more than enough to earn people’s respect. I have 2 children of my own… And they are my WORLD!!! Anyway not to bore you any further.. Please stay kewl dude. Know you are respected and admired by many.

  9. Hey..what is this website it Nathans? I jsut logged on to some page and I found this one… Nathan is really cute…. 🙂 Like his brother..of course.

  10. Em has inspired so many people..its crazy. He is my inspiration and I really admire him. He has given me inspiration and I hope I meet him someday.. probably not in this lifetime..but I still have hope… I just want to thank him for everything he has given me trough his songs. Cuz when I hear his songs, it makes me laught and cry…

  11. Bitch don’t even try to accuse eminem , he is a good person ,and baby is right, he does inspire people so shut up

  12. i agree with the whole don’t dress like a slut thing cause i’ve seen it way too much, especially at my school, some of these chicks will go out in freakin mini-skirts and crop-tops in -25 degree (celcius) weather, and wow, yea…not good…and then theu whine about being cold…god…some people!!

  13. If you think this guy who is claiming to be shady is he then say “shady rocks” if you don’t think he is shady then say “not true”!!!!!

  14. I like some of Eminem’s songs.I hate the song’s he jokes about rape in.I don’t think they r funny.Everyone has a different sence of humour.

  15. so eminem is it true that u and kim love oneanother and are back together? if so i would watch out she just might want your money!

  16. hiya yall can i just say when eminem sed women should show a bit of brain it made me laugh when “shadys sexy lady misspelt most of her words i think eminems great but i wouldent thow myself at himXXXhe is fit though!

  17. You know ladies it is true. If you put out to soon the guy will toss you out the next morning.

    If you make them wait then it is worth it in the end. If they walk let them. If they stay give them all you got and I am sure after waiting so long they have a lot to give you.


  18. I totally agree with marshall, there are ways to look nice without having to be almost naked, and looking all trashy. Now talking about something else, why is it that you GHHJG!!! don’t give out your name? and why don’t you believe that it could really be Marshall on this site?. He said himself he was having problems to go to sleep.

  19. I agree with my baby he’s right when he said that we women should respect ourself. Just cause he’s famous doesn’t me that he’s going to sleep with u he may be attracted to that I guess all guys are attracted to girls who shows to much of their body so listen up groupies and hoes if u think em going to sleep with u then u have the wrong guy.

    P.S to Shady who is tryin to be Eminem u need to get a reality check cause ur not him and will never be him so stop tryin. All I have to ask is if u say ur the real deal then when did his lastest cd The Curtain Call drop and what day did u and ur ex wife kim if u say u are him get back together.

  20. I love Marshall.He is the best rapper ever,im 13 and i wish i could meet him,he is my idol and insperation. If you really are Marshall Bruce Mathers III please email me at please,i would really appreciate it so much :).

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