Michael Jackson diss

Just a short note before MiJack fans get mad at me: I do respect your idol’s artistry. I just can’t stand his attitude towards Eminem.

Michael Jackson, come on make some more noise
You can even use a claxon,
Pulling out against Em the race card
When we all know you’re not even as black as Tony Braxton
Starting with Benzino some friendship (haha!), the kind of comradship I’d rather qualify a cowardship
You’re mad at the Just Lose It clip? This was just another rip in your pants’
Man your attitude is so gay, maybe you need some Madonna silicone implants
It’s been said in the news, you’ve been accused of child abuse
Presumption of innocence? OK’Then why so much ambivalence?
You seem to be a good money handler trying to hide what happened to Jordan Chandler
What else could I say? $ 25 Million dollars to dissimulate the victim’s pain
Controversy, controversy plus acclaim and the high price of fame
Now you can mourn and dance a blues
About the many people who deny your innocence
Mad because you lost your nose plus your panty hose?
A little bit more cider? What? Did you just complain about a spider?
Man you might be a good dancer and frankly I do respect your artistry
You have a great name, you have all the fame, then why so much exhibition game?
You are the only one to blame when people defame your name
Proclaiming one’s innocence is a child’s game’you raise some doubts in people’s mind
Makes me remind that you never said: ‘ I didn’t do it ‘, just admit it.
Check it out’Just Lose It is not your only parody
It is just another rhapsody, I can hear its funny melody
Don’t want people to make fun of you?
What about your plastic surgery, it is like a perjury towards your black race
You didn’t want a black man’s nose, everybody perfectly knows
Since Thriller, you made yourself look like a monster, a lady killer
Jacko , just shut up, you’re a wacko

20 thoughts on “Michael Jackson diss”

  1. Me and Nelly hate your ugly ***
    How would you like it if i got my magic white glove out and give you somemore JESUS juice Now dont you be dissin my Jesus cause he is not like that.

  2. mj won his case…….. that is SO FREAKEN STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Michael is a f***ing sicko! Some one needs to put that Boy rapper f*get behind bars! I agree MJ sucks c*ck, but I think he needs pu**y for once cause he is just sick!

  4. fuck it jackson derserves to get dissed i fuckin hate eminem hes a dickhead sellout 100% but fuck it if we aint puttin michael behind bars someones gotta do the job right?

  5. I watched the video of Just Lose It that my baby made I didn’t see anything wrong with it I just think that MJ thought that he was getting picked on the most with the trail and everything but Eminem did say that he was do pariody of the i con’s from the 80’s didn’t nessecary mean to pick on MJ. Eminem said that MJ is a great entertainer and some of both Em & MJ will agree with comment especially me.

    P.S Long live the King Of Pop

  6. You people are narrowminded and ignorant. Michael has been acquitted – TWICE – and Eminem isn’t a sellout, he’s famous, there’s a difference. I thank God everyday that the person who wrote that rap isn’t a rapper. Peace.

  7. i dont really care what colour you are i think you should off stayed black because she should be proud off what colour you are but you looked better black!

  8. goshh i hope yall are fuckin happy for all the shit that yall said on here!! assholes.. stop listenin to wat the press tells yu idiots!

  9. Michael Jackson is one of the greatest singer in our time. He is really the King of Pop and we would really miss this great person.

  10. Now that a few yrs have passed and you’ve read everything about MJ that u could since he died;
    do u still think he was a child molester? Now that u know he had vitiligo, do u still think he wanted 2 b white? I fail 2 c any humor in someone being burnt 2 the 3rd degree. As for the nose, people get botox 2 make there lips fuller, implants 4 bigger breast, pieces for longer hair, botox for a rounder bigger booties, sun tan lotion & tanning spa”s for browner skin & hair dye 2 change appearances. It’s not often that I c a natural person. So pull your shade down cause all your ish is showing. Not MJ or Eminem fan. but like both.

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