Medical journal calls for total UK smoking ban

This is going wayyyy too far. Banning it would make things worse – driving it underground and onto an unregulated black market. Hm strangely that sounds like a good reason to legalise cannabis and other drugs…

6 thoughts on “Medical journal calls for total UK smoking ban”

  1. Maybe this is too far, but if you aim for this you might get a total ban in public places. Let people smoke in their own homes, that should be about it.

  2. A ban on smoking in all public places is all that is necessary for now. Smokers will adhere in the long run (it won’t happen overnight) and it will become a socially unacceptable activity, therefore it won’t be seen as much. Not smoking needs to become the norm. To further help this along it should be banned from tv and film as these are a big influencing factor, particularly for children who as we know are becoming addicted to tobacco younger and younger these days.

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  4. Smokers have had their own selfish habit ways for far too long now. They have smoked and harmed not only themselves, but others around them. I mean, pregnant women who smoke need a good talking to. They do not deserve the ability to even HAVE kids. Us non-smokers cannot even go out anywhere public such as pubs, clubs, bars, gigs without coughing up some second-hand smoke of some ignorant smoker. We need change- total public ban. Make our air clean. And if smokers want to cry about it: TOUGH! Like they care when we politely ask “do you mind?”…

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