Electronic Voting in the News

From Slashdot:

After a negative review of the Diebold voting machines by the State Gaming Control Board, it looks like Nevada has gone with a competitor for the upcoming election. And Secretary of State Dean Heller is requiring paper receipts. According to the Associated Press story, Nevada is the first state to do so.” There’s another story about Nevada voting machines as well. zapf writes “It appears that the major e-Voting machine vendors have banded together to form the ‘Election Technology Council.'” Reader SemperUbi writes: “Demand for a voter-verified audit trail is really gaining momentum these days. The Voter Verification Act, introduced yesterday by Senator Bob Graham (D-Florida), would require a voter-verified paper audit trail, ban the use of ‘undisclosed’ software and wireless communications for voting machines, and require mandatory surprise recounts — all in time for the November 2004 election. Rep. Holt’s HR2239 in the House requires much the same thing. Resistance to both bills may focus on the aggressive timetable, but the effort is worth it — as Warren Slocum once said, democracy ain’t cheap. Take that, Diebold!” And finally, a Maryland newspaper dredges up an internal Diebold email that recommends gouging Maryland if the state wants paper printouts for its Diebold voting system.