Gil Loescher

If you watch anything this week, watch Jeremy Paxman interview Gil Loescher, who lost both his legs in the attack on the UN Headquaters in Baghdad.

The link to the interview itself has not appeared yet, but you can watch the programme here until 2230 GMT 18 December.

It begins in about the 30th minute.






2 responses to “Gil Loescher”

  1. Judith Newton avatar
    Judith Newton

    While going through a University of Notre Dame Alumni Magazine I came across the information that Gil Loescher had been seriously injured in Iraq. He was the director for my pre-doctoral thesis. Wonderful man.
    Is there any way to get an address. I would very much like to drop him a note.

  2. steven billet avatar
    steven billet

    Could someone get me Gil’s e-mail. I had him in class during my doctoral program and have followed his case since the bombing.
    Dr. S. Billet