Sony's new MiniDisc

So everyone is going crazy about the old iPods and the new smaller iPods. Sony are just releasing the newest versions of their MiniDisc players and recorders. The new ones are backwards compatible with their old 600mb discs, put also have newer 1Gb discs, meaning eash disc can store almost eight hours of music. Woah.

I guess the main difference with iPod is that the media is not removable while MiniDiscs are.

7 thoughts on “Sony's new MiniDisc”

  1. Gavin, the problem is that it won’t save the Minidisc. A 1GB MD is probably going to cost €20 minimum right? Add that to a €200 -> €300 player, and you have a 1 GB player for we’ll say €250. Now the new 4GB iPod is $250 and the 10GB iPod only a bit more than that.

    Now since you can’t use the new MDs in old players and you have to upgrade, people will just upgrade to MP3

    I know I use my iPod so much more than I used to use my minidisc player.

  2. Really, well that’s not so bad then! I never used to be able to get cheap disks for my one so I assumed these would be even more expensive!

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