E-voting takes the aura out of casting ballot inside a booth

The brave new world of official Internet voting got its launch here last week.

The New York Times editorial page tut-tutted about security and issued dire warnings. Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land, a Republican, inspected the Democratic Party’s new voting machinery up close and personal.

And on or about Feb. 7 — but no later — 46,543 people cast votes by Internet in the state Democratic Party caucus.

Because I like to exercise my voting rights as often as allowed, I was one of them. (I voted in the 2000 Republican Party primary, as well.)

Unlike, say, taking a walk on the moon, the voting-by-computer experience was neither exciting nor memorable. Describing it as unremarkable would be inaccurate: It was remarkable for what it was not.

Shame she called it “Internet voting”.