6 thoughts on “Iraqi money”

  1. dear sir, new iraqidinars rate very low why tell me and old 1982 arabic horses 25 swiss iraqidinars cancel in all of iraq please tell me ?

  2. The old Iraqi Dinar ,(aka “Saddam” money) is readily avaiable from a many street vendors in Baghdad. Some of them even copy it on good paper and try and sell it as Saddam money. But the legit former currency is available, as a novelty quite readily.

  3. I have that same Bill … I dont know if yours Is the same amount I have one that says 250 Dinars and The other siade looks just like the bill you are showing right now … Is there anyway to sell it , How much is it worth in American Money US Dollars.. Respond if you can , Thank you .. Michael smith

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