Toronto Blog Junket

To all those in the area of Toronto this weekend, some bloggers including myself plan to meet up in C’est What? on Saturday night. Everyone and anyone welcome – though I hear this place is pretty busy. Rumour has it that Cory Doctorow might make a trip in.

No time as yet…just keep an ear out for the loud Irish guy in the corner with a pint of Guinness.

5 thoughts on “Toronto Blog Junket”

  1. Now Gavin, you’re in Canada. What’s the good of being in Canada if you’re just going to drink Guinness? Promise me you’ll try something local (just not Molson or Labatt!). See you on Saturday night!

  2. I believe they don’t have Guinness at C’est What, but they have a fake ripoff (forgot what it’s called)
    I will be there tomorrow as well. Hi!

  3. I’m pretty sure I’ve had Guinness there before… The house brews, however, are quite good.

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