On the other side…

Well I finally made it to the other side of the pond – I got myself a flight to Newark and am now hiding out in New Jersey. Rannie says I missed a great night, with up to 30 people out – all I can say to that is “Feck that anyway”, which translates to I’m really sorry I missed it.

Well anyway I hope to hook up with some of those nice people in Toronto soon, I plan on getting a train in the morning from Penn Station New York to Toronto – arriving there at 19.44.

Any ideas on a nice place to stay?

4 thoughts on “On the other side…”

  1. Gavin

    How long are you planning to stay in Toronto.
    Maybe I’ll meet up with you are the train station and I can buy you a well deserved Pint.

    Glad to hear you made it across the pond ok.

    See you in Toronto

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