Hey I finally made it to Toronto! I met up with Rannie last night for some beers, and I think the tiredness hit me, I got a bit pissed – way too easily.

The train ride from New York Penn Station to Toronto is a long (12 hour) tiring experience – but I got to see some great scenery around upstate New York.

I’ve been having a look around today, Toronto is a nice town. It’s raining though. I had a call down to the Train Station this morning, all of Canada’s media were down there covering the 50th anniversary of the underground system – the Prime Minister announced $1 Billion investment for upgrading the system. Some more places to visit – I hope to post some pictures soon.

Rannie has posted a rather dubious one of me that he took last night. I’m one of those people that finds it hard to look at photos of themselves. Or are we all like that?

5 thoughts on “Toronto”

  1. Im the same way. I went to the hockey game last night (Go Leafs), and deleted a picture my friend took of me when he wasnt looking – heh. Im rarely satisfied with how I look in photographs.

  2. Gav,

    it was a pleasure having you over my crib yesterday afternoon for tea and company on a lovely rainy day;

    glad the rain reminded you (in some small way) of Ireland 🙂 sorry it prevented you from fully checking out Toronto…

    hope you had fun hanging with the our cool gathering of Toronto bloggers at Paupers last night over Guinesses and Molsons. i sure did, and — hey, you’re a cool guy.

    p.s. lemme know what you think of the book “We” after you finish reading it. Enjoy!

    best, vpg

  3. Thanks everyone! 🙂

    And thanks again for the book VPG, I shall definately be reading it on the plane.

    Rannie will have more photos up, he never stopped taking them all night!

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