I must say that I am impressed with Halifax – and the weather is really nice(for today at least). I had a look around the Citadel this morning and around the very interesting Maritim Museum. I had no idea those kind of artifacts from the Titanic were on display. And the pictures from the Great Halifax Explosion were quite shocking.

I will post some photos soon I hope.

I also did not have a nice experience with Air Canada. To say their security was bad would be an understatement. I predict terrorist attacks on the US will next come from a Canadian airport, I was not impressed at all.

But at least everyone is friendly.

10 thoughts on “Halifax”

  1. you are an idiot.

    stay in the evil empire where you belong, dummy.
    you are off my list of blogs to visit.

    bye bye, asshole.

    can’t believe how absolutely doofus-league your “observations’ are.

  2. the terrorists are hiding up your asshole.
    better stick your head back up there.

    keep your “war” at home, you peckerhead.

    booga booga!

  3. Looks like you really pissed off some of the flip top heads over there. Osama will send you a present for letting him know the back door is open.

  4. Air Canada is about two steps away from folding, and most of the country is waiting with bated breath. I’ve never been impressed with them, they treat students poorly, they have crappy food, and their union is bloody ridiculous.

    That being said, security is not connected with any airline so it’s the fault of the airport. Security here in Vancouver is very very tight, to the point of idiocy, and there was just an article in the paper about Sydney Nova Scotia having tough security too- so it’s likely just a Halifax thing.

  5. I love you guys.

    Yes. The terrorist attacks will come from Canada. And probably Mexico. And Ireland. All of Europe likely. Actually all of the rest of the world are likely candidates to attack the States. Yup. You are the target. Ever wonder why? You think it’s jealousy? People don’t destroy what they are envious of, they destroy the things that make them angry. Why are they angry? Because they don’t understand that America is holding the torch and leading the way? Why don’t they understand? You’ve tried to tell them. How ungrateful to attack the hand that what…? It doesn’t feed does it? What does it do? It slaps. And you wonder why you got bit.

  6. I’m kind of embarassed by the comments here by Canadians. I am Canadian and was quite
    pleased when I read the original post and took no offense to his comment about terrorist
    attacks coming from Canada. That statement was completely unfounded, but not offensive.
    I am glad you had a wonderful time in Halifax, it is my hometown and a wonderful city. I
    also apologize on behalf of my fellow Canadians on this post… we love to complain about
    Americans here in Canada, and I’m happy this post gave you the opportunity to find something
    wrong with us aswell. For the rest of you, mature… you’re Canadian, its in your genes to
    be nice, so stop being jerks, haha.

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