The return of people's war: Martin Jacques

I find it hard to disagree with Martin Jacques in today’s Guardian. I just recently bought a book talking about these issues – Jacques pretty much covers it. I will have to take a look at Schell’s new book.

It is now clear to everyone – apart from Donald Rumsfeld and his cronies – that, far from being a rump of Saddamist malcontents, the resistance enjoys broad based support among the Sunnis and increasingly the Shias too. The old truths are alive and well. People do not want to be ruled by an alien power from thousands of miles away whose interests are self-serving. The resistance in Iraq bears all the hallmarks of a people’s war for self-determination.

One thought on “The return of people's war: Martin Jacques”

  1. Does immigrant mentality cause terrorism?

    I believe we are being attacked by terrorists in the United States
    because of our immigrant mentality.

    I was born in the UK but moved to America at a young age, and I believe
    we are acting out of a primitive Warrior Instinct here. I cannot tell you
    how strange it is to live here and watch all this unfold.

    I would like to invite you to go to my website at and click on the link “terror”.
    I think you may agree with me.
    Kind of a hard sell to these Americans though!

    Thank you,
    Simon Gray

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