The Practice and/or The Tool: Journalism and Blogging

Mary Hodder with a view from BloggerCon in Boston posing some interesting questions on journalism and blogging. Quite a witty post. 🙂

Journalism and blogs are the karass and the granfalloon. They need each other, but can we please please please stop talking about either/or or and or but or if? As if? Really. I’ve had it. Get over it.

I realize there are lots and lots of people that don’t know what a blog is, so fine, give them the five minutes to catch up. Here it is: new posts go to the top, time date stamp, aliveness and linking. Flexible personal publishing. Maybe a little conversation. Maybe not. Okay then. Disintermediating as hell. Uncontrollable granfalloon. Do we have to talk again about whether blogs are staying, jacked up on the rant as they pull down the pants of the Big J, wrecking that perfect karass that still wants to bath us in our favorite celebrity porn or everybody’s premiere-content but-we’re-behind-the-firewall-and-therefore-unlinkable paper. Little b is just a fccing tool. BTW, in case you’re wondering, this is a blog. Yes, folks, Napsterization. Just a blog. In case you were reading this and didn’t know. But frankly it could just as well be done with some other tool. The point is, now our tools (and practices) are about interchangeable parts and air-compressor nail-guns instead of handmade hammers and nails. Interchangeable digital media that reduces everyone to 15 bytes of fame and poke in the eye all at once. Get used to it.Now.