Google to sell $2.7bn in shares

Well it has finally been announced, Google are floating.

Here is my prediction:

Hype and more hype, within 2 years the market will have changed entirely – and Google will be another player in a hugely competitive market. I can see its share value staying high for a while, but if it stays high too long it will be down to dotcom sentiment rather than sensible economics.

One thought on “Google to sell $2.7bn in shares”

  1. It makes me sick this is happening again. Another IPO where two guys plus a ceo for hire will make a billion or so, with the ceo making several hundred million. All on hype. Ala Mark Cuban. 100 million okay but enough is enough. Then these guys can give it away and be saints. The only thing I can see is it give people the freedom to get into other endeavors in the future. That is the only thing I would want the money. 1 million would be nice. I just don’t understand what is up with our system. The legal system is only as good as the lawyers. Capitalism is only as good as the entrepeneurs. Hopefully, these ceos will learn that it affects the whole system when they take all this cash. It is like a monopoly. Now, Allen from Microsoft has all this money and can invest in startups and make more money. There is a lot of truth in the saying it takes money to make money as well as it gets easier and easier to make money when you have a lot of it. One of the buddhist precepts states people shouldn’t make money on one’s own money. I now want to find a new search engine. You mentioned alltheweb. I will try it and avoid Ebay as much as possible. Support the small entrepeneur!

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