Fistful of euros

The guys over at a Fistful of euros have added me to their blogroll, not sure how that happened. I have noticed people visiting from one of their other sites, Living in Europe aggregator. I shall have to reciprocate, and read them more often.

On another note this has been my busiest month since I started blogging, and that includes the month of the John Gray saga. According to Sitemeter my total for the month of April will stand at about 26,000 visitors/35,000 page views. Average is now 1,000 visitors a day, while webalizer is saying im getting in around 1800 visitors a day.

I’m not quite sure why this is, but my server is chewing up about 5GB a month.

All very interesting this visitor dynamics.






2 responses to “Fistful of euros”

  1. David Weman avatar

    We should have added you a long time ago.

  2. Gavin avatar

    Hehe why thank you!