India's secret army of online ad 'clickers'

This one from Slashdot:

This sounds like a great way to make money, but could it be called fraud? Google adsense might not be too happy.

A growing number of housewives, college graduates, and even working professionals across metropolitan cities are rushing to click paid Internet ads to make $100 to $200 (up to Rs 9,000) per month.

“It’s boring, but it is extra money for a couple of hours of clicking weblinks every day,” says a resident of Delhi’s Patparganj, who has kept a $300-target for the summer.

One thought on “India's secret army of online ad 'clickers'”

  1. There’s no way that will make them $100 a month unless they’re working on a uncookied computer behind some kind of dynamic proxy that reassigns IP addresses after each click. Adsense cuts the value of repeat clicks coming from the same IP or router address. The more you click from the same dial-up or IP block, the less you get per click. The revenue can go to zero for Click Meisters.

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