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My book collection

Author, Title, Year, Publisher

Aczel, Amir Probability One 1998 Abacus
Adie, Kate, The Kindness of Strangers 2002 Headline
Aeschylus, Promotheus Bound and other plays 1961 Penguin
Anderson, Fred Crucible of War 2000 Random House
Appelbaum, David The Vision of Kant 1995 Element
Aristotle Ethics 1955 Penguin
Aristotle On Man in the Universe 1943 Gramercy
Ash, Timothy Garton, Free World 2004 Penguin
Asimov, Isaac, Life and Time 1978 Avon Books
Atkinson, Rick Crusade 1993 Houghton Mifflin
Aurelius, Marcus Meditations 1964 Penguin

Bakunin, Michael God and the State 1970 Dover
Barrow John D., The Origin of the Universe 1997 Phoenix
Bilton, Nick Hatching Twitter
Blackmore, Susan The Meme Machine 1999 OUP
Bobbitt, Philip The Shield of Achilles – War, Peace and the course of History 2002 Penguin
Bryson, Bill, Made in America 1994 Black Swan
Bryson, Bill, A Short History of Nearly Everything 2004 Black Swan
Burke, Jason Al-Qaeda, 2004 Penguin

Caesar, The Gallic War 1996 Oxford
Carpenter, Humphry, Spike Milligan 2003 Hodder and Stoughton
Carroll, Sean, The Making of the Fittest 2008 Quercus
Calvin, William H., How Brains Think 1996 Phoenix
Chomsky, Noam Deterring Democracy 1992 Vintage
Chomsky, Noam Rogue States ‘ the rule of force in world affairs 2000 Pluto
Chomsky, Noam Lessons from Kosovo ‘ New Military Humanism 1999 Pluto
Chomsky, Noam Necessary Illusions 1989 Pluto
Chomsky, Noam Turning the Tide 1985 Pluto
Churchill, Winston The Second World War 2002 Pimlico
Clauswitz, Carl von On War 2002 Wordsworth
Clark, Wesley, Winning Modern Wars 2003 Perseus
Clarke, Richard A., Against All Enemies 2004 Free Press
Collins, Stephen The Haughey File 1992 O’Brien Press
Coltman, Leycester, The Real Fidel Castro 2003 Yale University Press
Conrad, Joseph The Secret Agent 1993 Wordsworth
Conquest, Robert Lenin 1972 Fontana

Davies, Brian Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion 1993 Opus
Davies, Paul The Last Three Minutes 1994 Wiedenfield and Nicholson
Davies, Paul The Fifth Miracle 1998 Penguin
Darwin, Charles The Origin of Species 1872 John Murray
Dennett, Daniel C. Consciousness Explained Penguin 1991
Descartes, Rene Key Philosophical Writings 1997 Wordsworth
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, The Brothers Karamazov 2003 Penguin
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, Crime and Punishment 2003 Wordsworth

Ehrenreich, Barbara Nickel and Dimed
Euripides, The Trojan Women and other plays 2000 Oxford
Euripides, Medea and other plays 2003 Penguin

Farndon, John, China Rises 2008 Virgin
Feist, Raymond E Rage of a Demon King 1998 Voyager
Feist, Raymond E The King’s Buccaneer 1994 Voyager
Feist, Raymond E Shadow of a Dark Queen 1996 HarperCollins
Feist, Raymond E A Darkness at Sethanon 1997 HarperCollins
Feist, Raymond E Silverthorn 1996 Voyager
Feist, Raymond E Shards of a Broken Crown 1998 Voyager
Feist, Raymond E Rise of a Merchant Prince 1995 Voyagert
Feuchtwanger, Edgar Bismarck 2002 Routledge
Ferguson, Niall Colossus 2004 Penguin
Fitzpatrick, Sheila, The Russian Revolution 1994 Opus
Fletcher, David Tanks and Trenches 1994 Grange Books
Franken, Al, Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them 2003 Penguin
Fukuyama, Francis, The End of History and the Last Man 2003 Penguin

Gibbon, Edward The Decline and Fall Of The Roman Empire Vol 1 1962 Washington Square Press
Gilbert, Martin Churchill ‘ A Life 2000 Pimlico
Gilbert, Martin Challenge to Civilization 1952 – 1999 1999 Harper Collins
Greene, Robert, The Art of Seduction 2001 Profile
Greenfield, Susan The Human Brain ‘ A Guided Tour 1997 Phoenix
Gribbin, John The Birth Of Time 1999 Wiedenfield & Nicholson
Griffin, David Ray, The New Pearl Harbour 2004 Arris
Gottlieb, Anthony Socrates 1997 Phoenix

Hayman, Ronald Nietzsche 1997 Phoenix
Herodotus The Histories 1991 Penguin
Hertz, Noreena The Silent Takeover 2001 William Heinemann
Hobbes, Thomas Leviathan 1996 OUP
Holmes, Richard, Acts of War 2003 Wiedenfield and Nicholson
Holland, Tom, Rubicon 2003 Little Brown
Homer, The Illiad 1987 Penguin
Homer, The Odyssey 1991 Penguin
Hume, David Enquiries concerning Human Understanding & Concerning the Principles of Morals OUP

Isaacson, Walter Steve Jobs

James, Lawrence, The Rise and Fall of the British Empire 1994 Abacus
Jordan, Robert, The Path of Daggers 1998 Orbit
Joyce, James Dubliners 1993 Wordsworth
Joyce, James Ulysses 1993 Wordsworth

Kant, Immanuel Critique of Pure Reason 1993 Everyman
Kee, Robert The Bold Fenian Men 1976 Quartet
Kelly, Linda, Richard Brinsley Sheridan – A Life 1998 Pimlico
Kennedy, Paul, The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers 1988 Fontana
Kenny, Anthony The God of the Philosophers 1979 OUP
Kirkpatrick, David The Facebook Effect
Klein, Naomi, No Logo 2001 Flamingo
Kupchan, Charles, The End of the American Era2003 Knopf

Lawrence, D.H. Sons and Lovers 1993 Wordsworth
Lee, George; Bird, Charlie Breaking the Bank 1998 Blackwater Press
Lieven, Dominic, Empire – The Russia Empire and it’s Rivals 2002 Pimlico
Livy The Early History of Rome 1991 Penguin
Locke, John An Essay Concerning Human Understanding 1997 Penguin

Machiavelli, The Prince 1997 Wordsworth
Macquarrie, John Existentialism 1973 Pelican
Magee, Bryan Sight Unseen 1995 OUP
Marx, Karl Engels, Friedrich The Communist Manifesto 1967 Penguin
Matyszak, Philip, The Enemies of Rome 2004 Thomas & Hudson
Malmgren, Pippa Signals: The Breakdown of the Social Contract and the Rise of Geopolitics
Mazower, Mark, Hitler’s Empire 2008 Allen Lane
McClure, Stuart; Scrambray, Joel; Kurtz, George Hacking Exposed – Third Edition 2001 Foundstone
McLynn, Frank Napoleon: A Biography 1997 Pimlico
Mill, John Stuart On Liberty 1996 Wordsworth
Mill, John Stuart The Subjection of Women 1996 Wordsworth
Mill, John Stuart Utilitarianism 1998 OUP
Miller, Mark Crispin, The Bush Dyslexicon 2001 Bantam
Montaigne, Michel De The Complete Essays 1991 Penguin
Morrow, John, The Great War 2004 Routledge
Mosier, John The Myth of the Great War
Moore, Michael Stupid White Men 2002 Penguin

Nietzsche, Freidrich Twilight of the Idols 1968 Penguin
Nietzsche, Freidrich The Anti-Christ 1968 Penguin
Nietzsche, Freidrich Thus Spake Zarathrustra 1997 Wordsworth
Nietzsche, Freidrich Twilight of the Idols 1998 OUP
Nietzsche, Freidrich Human, All Too Human 1984 Penguin

O’Brien, Brendan The Long War 1993 O’Brien Press

Perris, GH, Our Foreign Policy and Sir Edward Grey’s failure 1912 Melrose
Petronius, Satyricon 1998 Wordsworth
Plato, Republic 1997 Wordsworth
Plato, Symposium and the Death of Socrates 1997 Wordsworth
Plutarch, The Rise and Fall of Athens: Nine Greek Lives 1991 Penguin
Plutarch, Lives 1926 Random House
Plutarch, The Age of Alexander 2002 Penguin
Plutarch, The Rise and Fall of Athens 1960 Penguin
Polybius, The Rise of the Roman Empire 1979 Penguin
Popper, Karl, The Open Society and It’s Enemies 2003
Powell, Colin A Soldier’s Way – An Autobiography 1995 Arrow
Power, Samantha Chasing the Flame 2008 Penguin

Rand, Ayn, The Fountainhead 1972 Harper Collins
Rashid, Ahmed, Descent into Chaos 2008 Allen Lane
Rathbone, Julian The Last English King 1997 Abacus
Reid, T.R The United States of Europe, 2004 Penguin
Rickards, James Currency Wars
Russell, Bertrand Roads to Freedom 1996 Routledge
Russell, Bertrand, The Conquest of Happiness 1975, Unwin
Roberts, Andrew, Napoleon and Wellington 2001 Wiedenfield and Nicholson
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques The Social Contract and Discourses 1973 Everyman

Sachs, Jeffrey The End of Poverty, 2005 Penguin
Sagan, Carl Cosmos
Sagan, Carl; Turco, Richard A Path Where No Man Thought 1990 Random House
Sagan, Carl Billions and Billions 1997 Random House
Sassoon, Siegfried The War Poems 1999 Faber
Schama, Simon, A History of Britain 1603-1776 2001 BBC
Schama, Simon, Patriots and Liberators 1992 Fontana
Schell, Jonathan The Gift of Time 1998 Granta
Schopenhauer, Arthur The World as Will and Representation Vol. 1 1969 Dover
Seneca, Four tragedies and Octavia Penguin
Simms, Brendan, Three Victories and a Defeat 2007 Penguin
Simpson, John, The Wars against Saddam 2003 MacMillan
Singer, Peter Ethics 1994 OUP
Stoker, Bram Dracula 1993 Wordsworth
Strong, Roy The Story of Britain 1996 Pimlico
Smyth, Sam Thanks a Million Big Fella 1997 Blackwater Press
Sophocles, The Theban Plays 1974 Penguin
Suetonius, Lives of the Twelve Caesars 1997 Wordsworth
Sun Tzu, The Art of War 2002 Grange
Suskind, Ron The One Percent Doctrine 2006 Simon & Schuster

Thomson, David Europe Since Napoleon 1957 Penguin
Thucydides History of the Peloponnesian War 1972 Penguin
Tirman, John The Spoils of War 1997 Free Press
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Silmarillion 1997 Harper Collins
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Lord of the Rings 1997 Harper Collins
Turner, Barry The Writer’s Handbook 2002 MacMillan

Vance, Ashlee Elon Musk
Virgil, The Aeneid 1990 Penguin
Voltaire, Candide 1996 Wordsworth
Voltaire, Philosophical Dictionary 1971 Penguin

Weinburg, Steven, The First Three Minutes 1984 Bantam Books

Zakaria, Fareed, The Post-American World 2008 Allen Lane
Zamiatin, Eugene, We 2000 Transaction
Zittrain, Jonathan, The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It 2008 Allen Lane

German Philosophers Kant, Hegel, Schopemhauer, Nietzsche 1997 Oxford
Nota Bene A guide to familiar latin quotes and phrases 1995 Dovetail
Questions on German History 1984 German Bundestag
Explorations in Political Psychology 1993 Duke University Press

21 thoughts on “My book collection”

  1. Who the fuck wants to see your fucking book list, you stupid boring CUNT?

  2. Might I suggest that you indulge in some light reading occasionally, Gavin? All work and no play etc…

  3. perhaps u could post a ebook of silverthorn seeing and the 3rd book of the saga seeing as i’m as poor as hell and i have read magician so me need free book to read

  4. jared diamonds guns, germs and steel is an essential read. good collection but you need some pjorourke to lighten things up. you travelled a bit so “holidays in hell” will suit.

  5. Youv’e read many books but have you read the Koran? not a joke buddy, I had a list far bigger than yours but when i read the Koran i didnt want to read any other bokk after that and I was a Jew!!! halalujah, I am a muslim now, Alhamdulillah (all thanks to Almighty God)

  6. grand collectoin……but I think you could do with some lighhearted/comedy books. Not only is comedy a fun escape it can help to see the other side to absurd ideas….and clarify your thinking.

  7. could you please post an ebook of silverthorn and darkness at sethanon by raymond feist…. i’m quite desperate for the book, so…. please post an ebook…. kindly

  8. where on this site do i find ur raymond e feist blogs cuase from this page i got no clue and i just finished the rise of the merchant prince and am hungry to read the rest b4 i buy the next 1 again on payday plz help

  9. and to the 2nd last blog from Whatever who is the 1 that needs a life considering u were replying to some1 from over a year b4 as i am now hehehe:P and my point is do u actually think the person u were trying to put down is still needing that book or even still reading the series still maby ur the 1 that needs a life not goin around the net reading blogs and berating all the normal people a year after they posted them and if u still login to check every1’s reply to these blogs it proves my point even more!how bout just letting every1 b thier own people and b they wanna b and not take out ur lifes agression on us 🙂 enjoy….

    sry to every1 else for this just had to serve it bak hehehe enjoy ur reading:)))))

  10. I would suggest reading Rand’s Atlas Shrugged rather than The Fountainhead. They are both fantastic, but Atlas Shrugged is so much better.


  11. Rand is pathological, really not a good example of intellectual responsibility.
    That is ofcourse unless you see yourself as agreeing with neo-liberalism.

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