To advertise or not to advertise?

If present trends continue I will have to upgrade my server – so many people are visiting now that it is coming close to the 7Gb bandwidth allowance I am allowed each month. If it goes over that limit I have to pay for each and every Mb thereafter.

Upgrading my server will cost me more money, which I do not mind paying, but a little help with it would be nice.

So there are two things I can do, plead for donations, accept advertisements, or maybe both. So what do I do? Go for BlogAds? Google Ads? How much would it help? Is it worth it?

It is something I am considering, my rank on Google recently went up to 7/10, and visitor numbers have grown rapidly in the last 2 months. I think if numbers are reaching 2,500 a day I will have to consider some form advertising, much as I dislike the thought.

2 thoughts on “To advertise or not to advertise?”

  1. It sounds like your visitorship parallels mine and when I was faced with a sustainability problem, I went to Typepad where I spend $15 each month. I distribute some of my images on a separate server which keeps my monthly transfer below 5GB. If you don’t want to optimise your Google Ads, you can count on $1 a day coming from your traffic. There’s an added bonus–PR goes up by at least one step the moment the Google MediaBot starts visiting while monitoring advertisement placement.

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