Some reaction to posting the video

The Fence has some reaction to my posting of the video – this week the most searched for thing on all the search engines apparently.

It shows, about 13,000 people went through my site in the last 2 days searching for it.

The Fence disagrees with Niall, noting:

And I have to say that I disagree. In today’s world words are increadingly losing their value, and although there is the danger of media organisations trying to “outshock” one another to gain audiences I think that online is the only place that is really apropriate for this video.

I don’t think it should be shown on telly, because despite the usual warnings that the following scenes may cause distress (or whatever your news says), if it is on ten there is no actual choise involved in watching it. By choosing post the link, Gavin merely gave people the option of finding out for themselves how horrifying that video was.

Great to get the input – I think I am erring on the side of leaving the link there – removing would not really serve any purpose.

The issue of the video being on the internet will cease to be one within a few days I suspect, as the controversy surrounding the video will subside. And as it is already so widespread I am not sure it would do any good. I leave the choice to individuals – but I think having the choice is important.

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