Boycott "The Day after Tomorrow"?

Dan Drezner is calling for a boycott of the new film – I for one love this kind of stuff. As much as alot of is plain nonsense – I’m a sucker for big epic special effects pop-corn movies. I had the same buzz with Independence Day, and no doubt it will be the same for this film.

As for the environmental aspect, I think are taking this one just a bit too far. But as already discussed on this blog, I am of the opinion that global warming is taking place, and that Carthage must be destroyed.

3 thoughts on “Boycott "The Day after Tomorrow"?”

  1. I ‘m sure I heard the chief scientific advisor to the film admitting that the science was hokum, but that it was admirable in that it raised the profile of global warming generally.

    I, myself, think that is bollocks.

  2. I can’t wait to go see it. There’s something about seeing the world destroyed over and over on a cinema screen that warms the darkest recesses of my heart. That could be something to tell a psychiatrist actually.

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