More links out of the blue

Ingrid Jones has linked to me, I think she may have found me through Clive Soley’s weblog, though I can’t be sure. She has a nice blog – check it out. Time to update the blogroll.






3 responses to “More links out of the blue”

  1. Ingrid avatar

    Hey Gavin, nice to meet you. Thanks for the link. I’ve just linked to your post re the great idea on ghost blogging for famous people. Then I visited my list at Technorati which I use as a handy feed for daily visits – and found you. Heh. What a find, you 23-year old cutie…next time, I’ll blog a link to your photo. Are you looking for a partner? If so, let me know your type, and I’ll blog it with the photo 🙂 btw Yes I did find you through Clive Soley, my favourite blogging MP. I noticed you were at the top of his sidebar and thought if he thinks you’re neat, so probably would I 🙂

  2. Gavin avatar

    Hehe, being set up through blogging? Is that a first?

    I made it to Clive’s sidebar because I typed it for him. And I still help him out with it on occassion. He owes me a pint come to think of it.

    I am single – but not quite sure if a girlfriend is in order just yet.

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