Irish blogger bash

Having attended one in Toronto recently…and a couple in London last year, I have yet to attend an Irish blog bash.

I have sounded out the idea with Dick O’Brien over at BSD – and he is keen as long as its on a Friday or Sunday. Friday night in Dublin suits me fine – even though I live in Cork lol (anyone put me up?).

So any Irish bloggers interested in attending a blog get together over the summer please leave a comment or drop me a mail. I will try and set a date that suits the maximum number of people. Dublin seems to most logical option since it is the hub of the transport network.

I am suggesting a Friday night sometime in late June or early July…

Irish bloggers in my blogroll are:

Karlin Lillington
Back Seat Drivers
Frank McGahon
Slugger O’Toole
Des Bishop
Bernie Goldbach
It Comes in Pints?
At What Cost?
Broken Irish
Broom of Anger
On Gaien Higashi Dori
Tony Allwright
David Havelin
Keith Gaughan
Justin Mason
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Tom Cosgrave
Sarah Carey
Da Berries
Irish Eagle
North Atlantic Skyline

23 thoughts on “Irish blogger bash”

  1. I’ll be able to go to one this summer for the first time. College has pretty much put the a dampener on any of that kind of thing.

    Seeing the gatherings have all been held in Dublin till now, Cork* or Galway* might be a nice change.

    * And I’m not just suggesting that because I’d have somewhere to stay or anything… 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great idea to me. Won’t be able to go myself though. Coming back from Tokyo would be a bit of stretch, whether to Dublin or Cork.

  3. I’m based in England, but am coming back home to the north periodically between now and August… We’re holidaying/working in Cork in the second week of August, so it might be possibity for us then.

    Otherwise (until they sort that atrocious road to Cork) Dublin is likely to remain favorite with me – I doubt we have a quorum for Belfast as a venue.

    If it’s this month, I have an invitation to a do in the north on or about the 28th. Otherwise I’ll try my best to fit in with what is decided.

  4. I wouldn’t mind dropping in but I can’t make any commitment until closer to the time.

    By the way: I’m guessing it might be a bit tricky for honorary Irish blogger, Emily (It comes in pints) seeing as she’s in Los Angeles!

  5. OK. I’m on for any weekend over the summer, except I’m in Spain between the 22nd of June and 7th of July. This probably clashes with Peter’s availability for a start. As for a location, Dublin would suit me best. Somewhere with food and drink maybe? Pints would probably go down well at an event like this. Perhaps a good approach would be to find a date on which the least amount of people are unavailable? Obviously we’re not going to get everyone, so for the next one we should aim to fit in those who couldn’t make it this time around.

    I’ll ask Jon and Paul if they’re on for it. I wonder if John Fay and Tony Allwright would be up for it? Both of them are Dublin based. Nice to see so many already expressing an interest.

  6. I am aware that Dublin’s greedy south-facing maw has gobbled up everything in sight in its ever-expanding sprawl, but has it really swallowed up Bray?

  7. Good initiative, Gavin. You can count me in, date permitting. I would of course prefer a Dublin venue.

    I note that your above blogroll and your separate e-mail distribution do not include

    Mark Humphreys at or
    Antoine at

    For the sake of avoiding multiple people contacting the same bloggers with the same invitation, I would suggest that we appoint you to do the honours.

    We plebs would then add potential invitees as a Comment like this one. Once invited, you could then add them to the end of your above list.

  8. Gavin, Jon says he’s up for it. I was talking to Karlin yesterday too. Technical problems have kept her away from the blog, but she said she’d be on for a get together.

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