DJ Graffiti

DJ Graffiti aka Martin Smith is a Michigan MC from Ann Arbor. He calls himself “the underground mixtape king of Michigan”.
Martin Smith grew up in Oak Park and West Bloomfield. He graduated at Bloomfield High School in 1996.

His nickname “DJ Graffiti” comes from the lyrics he wrote. About his own lyrics, he says: “I spray mentals like lyrical graffiti.”

He is certainly a perfectionnist, who is known for his quality mixtapes:

“My goal is to create projects that sound better, look more professional and reach farther than those currently available. It’s not about competition, but I know that if my focus is always on bringing something improved to the table, I won’t be taking steps backwards.”

DJ Graffiti attented the business school at Michigan University. He wants to be a positive influence for the hip hop community. Djing is his real passion: “I enjoy mixtapes and I do a lot of different things. My passion is the Djing, that’s my love.”

Groups from Detroit like Slum Village and DJ Butter have collaborated with DJ Graffiti who has also performed as a jazz percussionist in the Montreaux Detroit jazz Festival.

Also very active at the campus events, he used to be a DJ there: “I started Djing my first year in College. You din’t have events going on in West Bloomfield. As soon as I got turntables, I was off and runnning.”
He also used to make some guest appearences at the hip hop show on the campus radio station WCBN-FM (88.3).

In 2004, DJ Graffiti has released his tape “Bling Free, Vol.3”.
There is a message in DJ Graffiti’s “Bling Free” series. DJ Graffiti envisions a hip hop community that would be self sufficient:

“Right now, most of the major influences on the Hip Hop generation are fed corporately from the outside. Ultimately, I envision a Hip Hop community that is extremely self-sufficient. We will have a united front of individuals who were born into Hip Hop culture – Hip Hop lawyers, Hip Hop doctors, Hip Hop teachers and Hip Hop owners all working together. I feel all of the different things I do are necessary for moving the current state of Hip Hop toward a point where it is Bling Free. That’s where it shines on its own.”

You will discover more about the artist on his official website: