One thought on “The limits of being Irish”

  1. IMHO, most of the discontent with immigration and asylum polices comes from the fact that with the UN treaties on refugees propping open the doors, people feel the political won’t respond to their wishes. Compare that with the state and Federal reforms enacted in the US in the nineties, which have now been eased off somewhat. Ease the discontents and you ease the tensions.

    Monbiot’s writings on tensions with Irish travellers in Britain seem typical of a mindset of recommending policies based on no experience and hence no real knowledge of the consequences to be borne by poorer and less articulate people. My brother, who is much more libertarian than I am, feels very strongly about this tendency, having spent much of his career in social services in East London under different governments.

    Binding global treaties seem to be an inflexible policy instrument; I’ve been told, but I haven’t checked, that it’s another UN treaty that mandates that cannabis remain illegal in all signatory countries.

    This is one element of my scepticism about the effectiveness of the Kyoto treaty and why I think regional and bilateral deals will take the lead instead.

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