Free wireless nearly gone

Well Ireland stops being the President of Europe soon, so I presume the free wireless access I’m using in Cork airport will also stop. It is a great facility and not something that EsatBT should be charging such high rates for.






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  1. Peter Nolan avatar


    As an ardent libertarian, who doesnt’ want to rely on the government for anything, I object to this post!

    Why don’t you light a candle rather than curse the darkness? Since Cork isn’t that dispersed, why not just get some folks together and create a free wireless project to cover the city? It’s cheap and technically-easy to accomplish by a small voluntary organisation.

    Read about the London-based organisations



  2. Gavin avatar

    Already underway mate –

    As for wifi in airports, unforunately Aer Rianta would not allow free access in, while Esat Bt are present and paying.

  3. Peter Nolan avatar

    Well, Georgie M seems to be on holiday at the moment, so there is nobody else for me to attack right now.

    I’m prepping a big critique of Niall Ferguson, but big Glaswegian hardman that he is, he’s not as easy a target.

  4. Gavin avatar

    Poor old Niall, I did watch the 2 hour Colossus thing on Channel 4, but not read any of his books yet.

    And yes Monbiot was on the Week in Politics a few weeks back where he mentioned he lived with Ferguson when they attended university.