Irish blogger bash venue

Myself and Dick have been discussing possible venues for July 10th in Dublin. We came up with :

The Pembroke, Pembroke Street, off Baggot Street.
Dakota, South William Street.
Market Bar, off Georges Street.
Sosume, Georges Street.
The Mercantile, Dame Street.
Or maybe even upstairs in Oliver Goldsmiths, Trinity Arch Hotel, opposite the Mercantile.

Please make suggestions as to possible venues. Or make a comment on the ones listed.

We are thinking of an afternoon start, perhaps around 2 or 3pm? If this does not suit we can put it later at 5 or 6pm.

10 thoughts on “Irish blogger bash venue”

  1. My vote goes to the Market Bar- it’s got a “no music” policy and lots of space..imagine…you can actually have a conversation with someone – and hear them!!

  2. I’ve found The Merchantile to be too crowded on Saturdays. If you want the Dame Street area for a venue, it’s better in The Central Hotel just off Georges Street. You can get an entire room off the side of The Library, upstairs in The Central Hotel. Recommended.

  3. My vote is for the Market too. Nice food and no music. I reckon an early afternoon start is best perhaps since some people are travelling. Have no problem going in a little early to grab a bit of space. We could enquire about reserving an area too?

  4. You can reserve the upstairs part of the Market Bar and it’s a nice section – own bar up there etc..and they’ll even let you order food and deliver it straight to your table!

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