Holding his Footnotes to the Fire

Peter is having a great time having a bash at George Monbiot and his book, the Age of Consent.

He concludes, with some mirth I imagine:

That doesn’t alter the fact that Monbiot has written something directly contradicting his sources. At least Jayson Blair could blame booze and coke and Philip Glass had a vivid imagination, but why should this bullshit be published? I suppose that a profession willing to give Andrew Gilligan a second chance doesn’t hold itself to very high ethical standards. Or maybe it’s just another British craft industry like coal-mining or ship-building where the workers won’t take any responsibility for their output.

Watch out Monbiot, Peter is watching you.

3 thoughts on “Holding his Footnotes to the Fire”

  1. God I miss my free review copies…

    Ill take a closer look at it, but I think you could most of it down to “rhetorical hyperbole”, but UK libel law is a bit different to US precedents.

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