U.S. Overseer Holds Ceremony Without Notice, and Departs

In case you missed it

Bremer made a very quick exit. But I guess that’s to be expected.






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    Gavin, Here’s an interesting quote of the day from the New York Times:

    “We have the forces. We have the judicial system, and he is going to go to court. It’s going to be a just trial, unlike the trials that he gave to the Iraqi people.” IYAD ALLAWI, Iraq’s interim prime minister, on taking custody of Saddam Hussein.

    I wonder where Suddam Hussein was held (Guatamana?) and if he was handed over today? What an operation, imagine the stealth, secrecy and logistics. I’d be interested on reading any news you may have on what has happened to him today.

    Yesterday, the Sunday Times printed this snippet:

    “Say hello to everyone” – Saddam Hussein’s first message to his family since his capture.