Keith Matthew Maupin beheaded?

News is circulating that Keith Matthew Maupin has also been executed, these executions are becoming an all too frequent occurence. Why the new tack? A video or pictures of the murder will likely become available soon, but is this propaganda counter-productive?

2 thoughts on “Keith Matthew Maupin beheaded?”

  1. Ther is no conclusive proff that Matt Maupin is even dead. so many have read articles with the alleged beheading of the Marine (which was bogus) and finding Matt’s name in the same article, put 2+2=7

    Thos of us thatr know and respect Matt and his family would prefer that this rumor of his beheading bite the dust.

    If there is a legitimate source for this info, it should be published, not speculated upon

    DOD says there is no conclusive evidence that Matt was executed, and is still assumed to be an american POW

    Join with Matt’s friends , and wish him a quick return home.

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