Oceans on Mars?


The news media has largely forgotten about those two Rovers on Mars, but they are making some huge discoveries, including the above structure. It was noted:

Despite detailed inspection with the microscopic imager, “we have not got this thing figured out yet,” Squyres admitted at a press conference at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in Pasadena, California on Friday. “I don’t know how these things formed, and it’s driving me nuts!”

Some very interesting science being done on Mars.

One thought on “Oceans on Mars?”

  1. There is life on Mars. It’s driving around there now. And I heard that for the cost of sending it there, the 150million kilometres to mars (~1/2bn euro), We in Dublin have laid 18km of track. We are good.

    I bet those yanks are rocking and rolling in their graves now a la killbill2.

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