End of month blog stats

Well I just managed to beat last months stats, but pretty much the same. 64,000 visits, 224,000 hits. Not sure how many of those are bots though.

And I am into my blog anniversary month! Yeah!






4 responses to “End of month blog stats”

  1. R.O. Bot avatar
    R.O. Bot

    You are a genius! Yeah! I love your blog just as much as you do!

  2. Gavin avatar

    I know! I know! I am so cool!

  3. Isabelle Esling avatar
    Isabelle Esling

    Your cool, fo sho’, man:)
    And I’m happy to contribute to this blog. Thanks a lot, Gavin!

  4. Jennifer avatar

    I was thinking of starting a ‘Gavin’s Blog’ appreciation society, but then I took one look at these postings in terms of sheer volume and decided that EVERYONE LOVES GAVIN!!!!
    …………So no need to do the club thing then, huh?
    Shame really, I wanted to start a competition to design T-shirts, banners, posters and pin-free badges, but, alas my dream of susbscrition heaven has been dashed by the plethora of adoring fans. Can I do a Blue Peter version anyway?, I know that you are a ble to make atleast 3 reasonable size badges from one squeezy bottle……………No? OKAY! AlRIGHT!
    I will merely send a virtual mexican wave to show my undivided appreciation instead!