Blog party in Dublin

Well a deluge of email arrived concerning the blog party in the Market Bar in Dublin this Saturday. Actually no, nobody emailed really to say they were going, but some emailed to say they weren’t. So at the moment I am expecting about 7 people to turn up, which is a poor showing given the relative size of Ireland’s blog community.

I am looking forward to it regardless of who or how many turn up, but please come along if you feel like it.

9 thoughts on “Blog party in Dublin”

  1. I’d love to come, but I can’t make it to Dublin, as I have both personal and business affairs keeping me in London next weekend. I also have to go to Frankfurt again too!

    Could you try setting up something realtime, like an IRC channel for all those by the rivers of Babylon?

  2. When fewer than seven Irish bloggers say they’re coming, you need to plan for 15. However, my experience is based on the school term being in session and since it isn’t you need to ensure Irish live journal writers have heard about the event. FWIW, I expect to fund the George’s Arcade by 3PM Saturday.

  3. Good stuff that makes it about 10 between the emails and the comments. Looking forward to it. Any other takers please leave a comment.

  4. Hi Gavin, am going to try to be there, want to see the faces behind the names…
    I have had a family situation in the last week and that has taken over, but I am still trying!

    Could do with some fun and light relief….did I say bloggers are light relief?? Oh …perish the thought! 😉

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