The customer is always right? Not anymore

It appears that Best Buy might think that customers are no longer always right. I feel the same, in fact so would anyone that has worked in a service industry. Anyway, Slashdot links to the story that Best Buy is not happy with some of its customers – they rightly note that this may be the darker side of data mining.






One response to “The customer is always right? Not anymore”

  1. Eric avatar

    if the customer is always right then why do we need helpdesks, information support centres etc. If they were right then they knew what they were buying and knew how to use it. You have to ask the question are they informed enough about the product they are buying to have made there decision and if not that would explain the existence of helpdesks et al and thus at the very least suggest that the statement is more complex than the statement would lead to assume.

    that being said it is my personal experience, from my perspective as customer service representitive that the customer is a by and large a fucking moron that should educate themselves before opening their dumb fuck mouths!!